They look for a special solution for your admission control?

Here you find some substantial elements for the setting up of a  desired system, so that you can make yourselves a picture of our possibilities.

Since the total conception presupposes much know-how, you should set yourselves in the connection with  us in connection and notice a consulting date.

An overview the offered of the products and services find you among other things in the short description of our company

Complete systems

Complete park systems
P.o.s. systems
Bringing in and entrance control terminal
Alarm installations
Monitoring devices
Fire alarm systems
Collection -, control and analysis software

Shut-off elements

Gates/Door engines

Sensors and manual switchs

Key switchs
Magnet key reader
Digital keys
Light barriers
Contactless keys and sensors
Coin modules
Magnetic card reader
Smart card reader



Schrankenanlagen Parkplatz Poller Parkhaus Torantriebe Zeiterfassung Zufahrt Service Zutrittskontrollsysteme Leiteinrichtung Lager Tiefgarage Parksysteme Kettenabsenker

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